Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Roof Rebuild:

Existing roof was in complete disrepair.  The solution to this was clear.  Garage was totally replywooded with new fascia with syntheic material.  The preferred shingle was Timberline's Lifetime Shakewood asphalt shingle.  The rake section, as well, were reframed.

Custom Wall/ Carpentry Reconfiguation.  

Homeowner envisioned removal of existing hallway wall in order to open space.  The wall reconfiguation would also improving air movement utilizing the hallway radiator into the planned new custom cabinet.

Custom Built Cabinet.  
The new parapet wall/ cabinet which contained the radiator offered an improved function as well as a inviting look.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Multi-Tier Azek Deck West Long Branch


The original existing deck had many issues.  Structural members were Doug Fir lumber that had been stained and/or painted.  The drainage from the gutter configuration was not adequate, creating a overflow problem onto the deck.  Thus, creating deterioration on the deck as well as facilitating vegetation growth under the deck.  The entire structure was unworkable and was removed.


New deck structrual was constructed with ACQ pressure-treated lumber with joists placed 12" apart (12" On Center). Drainage gutters where enlarged to 6" gutters to eliminate the overflow problem.  Azek decking was installed using hidden fasteners.  Multipie Azek deck colors were used.  Raised tier deck accommodates table with seating.  Custom built-in benches with planter boxes surround new paver stone, creating the inviting look.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Q&RHILLC can help with any debris cleanup.

Q&RHILLC can help with any debris cleanup.

We can provide a 10 yard dumpster, dropped in your driveway for up to a week.
$350.00 for 10 yards/ $75 per additional ton, with a 2 ton weight limit

Contact us anytime at 732-620-0444