Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decking Material: Wood/ Composite/ PVC?

  Decking Material Options:

As spring time approaches and if you are considering a deck project, now is the time to plan.  It’s the perfect addition to any home. However, if you’re not sure what material to build this new deck out of, this article will help you decide the perfect option for your exterior needs, with frequently asked questions about the ins-and-outs of decking materials.
What kind of wood is best suitable for a deck?
A wood deck generally needs minimal maintenance. Depending on which kind of stain you apply, most decks only need re-staining every other year. The darker the stain, the longer time required in between staining. A pressure-washer, cleaner, or brightener is recommended if the wood has grayed. All in all, the time between re-staining depends on the type of stain, how dark the stain is, and how exposed your deck is to harmful elements or weather.
Are there any alternatives to wood decking?
Yes, there are. The two main alternatives out there are composite decking and PVC decking.
Composite vs. PVC, what’s the difference?
Composite decking and PVC decking are very different. Composite decking is made from plastic and wood fibers blended together. PVC is made 100% from plastic. Both need very minimal maintenance, only an occasional sweeping or wash with the hose. PVC is more resistant to scratching than composite decking because of its dense surface. PVC is also lighter than other types of decking, making it easier to install. It can often weight 30% to 40% less than composite decking.
What are the advantages of composite decking?
The biggest reason composite decking is so popular is because it has the look and feel of wood without all the hassle. You don’t have to stain or maintain it or worry about termite damage. Also, composite decking is made from recycled materials, which is not only good for you, but also good for the environment. And if for some reason it would be become damaged, most companies offer warranties to replace it. Composite decking comes in many colors, with any kind of railing to match, making your dream deck as easy and beautiful as possibility.
What are the advantages of PVC decking?
Like composite decking, PVC looks like wood without the hassle. It is more stain resistant than other kinds of decking, making it literally the easiest to maintain. It won’t warp, splint or rot. After the easy installation you won’t have to worry about your deck again. PVC is also more scratch resistant, and doesn’t absorb stains. PVC has built in UV protection, which will protect it from sun damage and ensure long lasting color.

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